Barbed Wire

When a bit of authority is needed with your fencing, Southwestern Wire provides superb barbed wire. Sharp, reliable and tough enough to take on anything, our barbed wire will add to your sense of security.


Our galvanized barbed wire comes in both Class 1 and Class 3 coating that meets ASTM A-121 specifications.


Our barbed wire is available in an aluminized coating for outstanding protection and durability and will meet the specifications for aluminized barbed wire that is called for on some commercial jobs.

Vinyl Coated

Our barbed wire is available in a vinyl coating that matches the colors in other color coated chain link products and gives a combination of excellent performance and appearance.

Barbed Tape Products

When barbed wire isn’t enough for your security needs, Southwestern Wire provides top-notch barbed tape. Our barbed tape is available in a variety of widths and sizes as well as numerous edge designs to best suit your security priorities. Let it be known that nothing will get past our barbed tape.

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