• Chain Link Fence

    "Get The Real Deal In Chain Link Fence" - For over 20 years we have been supplying the chain link fence market with high quality, American Made, chain link fence both in galvanized and vinyl coated. more

  • Industrial Wire/Continuous

    For all your basic wire needs, Southwestern Wire provides brite basic wire in both low and high carbon. Our low carbon wire includes C1006-C1026 carbon content and our high carbon wire includes 1027-1065 carbon content... more

  • Recycling and Bailing Wire

    For recycling all those left over packaging products, Southwestern Wire provides single loop bale ties. Available in both simple black annealed wire, for your basic baling needs, and our galvanized wire, for a tougher and cleaner wire... more

  • High Tensile and Electric Fence Wire

    Whether it be High Ten Electric Fence, Vineyard Wire, Strand for Cabling Systems or Single Strand Cattle Grazing Southwestern Wire manufactures the highest quality high carbon wires in the marketplace. more


We are proud to be a Made In The USA company. Southwestern Wire currently owns and operates three manufacturing facilities in the US and provides products to several market segments of the wire business. Our main markets are industrial wire, recycling wire, high carbon wire and chain link fence. If you are looking for a product in one of these segments then you have come to the right place. Most often the products of Southwestern Wire, Inc are sold through our expert distributors in each of the category businesses.

You will certainly find that the staff of Southwestern Wire will meet and exceed your expectations with integrity and respect. We also will make sure you have the product you desire in a timely fashion to meet the expectations of your own clients.

Please contact us if you should have any questions about product or wholesaling opportunities.



 Chain Link Fence

 Industrial Wire

 Baling Wire

 High Tensile Wire

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